Reform Priorities

VicWater met with the Productivity Commission (PC) 25 March 2020 to discuss reform priorities as part of a revised National Water Initiative (NWI). The PC has taken on responsibility, from the now defunct National Water Commission, to progress the NWI. The PC’s priority for the revised NWI is to promote greater policy clarity in areas…

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Recreational access to potable water storages

VicWater met with DELWP and the GHD project team 27 March for a progress meeting of the project to develop a state-wide inventory of water storages, and identify cost and timing implications of providing recreational access at currently closed storages, on a transparent per-storage basis.

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High Usage and Leakage Allowance

VicWater has appointed Paul Pretto to assist the review and redrafting of the VicWater High Usage and Leakage Allowance (HULA) Guideline. Paul Pretto, VicWater and YVW Chair of the HULA Working Group met with the Energy and Water Ombudsman and representatives from the Essential Services Commission March 24 to gain their preliminary input in the…

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Carbon offsets

An online workshop will be held 24 April for the Carbon Offsets for Victorian Water Corporations Working Group. The purpose of the workshop is to provide broader water industry input on a set of principles and priorities for carbon offset sourcing and procurement. Melbourne Water has appointed Michael Wheelahan to coordinate the workshop and document…

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Review of the recycled water guidelines – red tape reduction

VicWater hosted an online briefing on the revised recycled water guidelines on 30 March. The briefing pre-empts the public consultation phase of the review, which will occur in the coming months. VicWater will coordinate a water industry submission during the public consultation period. VicWater and Yarra Valley Water played a significant role in the instigation…

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A Word from the CEO

The current events of our globe have caused major dispersal of our people. More than ever, we are invited into each other’s personal domains as our home offices establish and evolve. And while physical distancing is in place to ‘flatten the curve’ and ride out the virulence of COVID-19, it is creating a new connectedness…

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Where to access support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Victorian water industry supports its customers with dedicated support staff and programs to assist people experiencing financial difficulty with their water bill. Everyone who needs help receives it from us. Our processes are simple to work with. A range of supports are now in place for customers. The key message here is ‘If you…

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Ever heard of Ellen Swallow Richards?

You might never have heard of Ellen Swallow Richards, but her work in water quality analysis and sanitation engineering was both pioneering and game changing. Discover the true story of this amazing woman in Tanya Ha’s latest article. Read more

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VicWater goes remote for COVID-19

Due to increased isolation precautions to minimise contact and assist in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the VicWater office will be closed until further notice. Our staff remain active during this time and will continue operations in a virtual workplace environment. We thank you for your understanding during this unique situation. Peter Morison…

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Are you the next MD of Goulburn Valley Water?

Goulburn Valley Water is on the search for their new Managing Director, given the upcoming retirement of long term MD Peter Quinn. If you are a community minded leader, attracted to a regional lifestyle in North Central Victoria this could be the ideal opportunity. As Managing Director, you will report to the ambitious Board and…

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VicWater COVID-19 safety measures

VicWater is taking action to protect the wellbeing of our staff and members
We have now moved to a virtual office environment