Vision Super’s response to COVID-19

Even during this time of uncertainty, one thing remains the same: Vision Super is committed to providing support to our members and employers. Although we’ve had to make changes to how we service our members (the Vision Super office is closed and we can’t provide face-to-face support, like seminars) we continue to help our members…

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A Word from the CEO

The current events of our globe have caused major dispersal of our people. More than ever, we are invited into each other’s personal domains as our home offices establish and evolve. And while physical distancing is in place to ‘flatten the curve’ and ride out the virulence of COVID-19, it is creating a new connectedness…

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Where to access support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Victorian water industry supports its customers with dedicated support staff and programs to assist people experiencing financial difficulty with their water bill. Everyone who needs help receives it from us. Our processes are simple to work with. A range of supports are now in place for customers. The key message here is ‘If you…

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Good News

Hygiene has and always will be at the core of WaterAid’s work. WaterAid is not a medical agency to deal with case detection, surveillance, management or treatment, but plays a key part in the preventive aspects. As a global leader in hygiene promotion and behaviour change, WaterAid is proactively scaling-up its work through government led…

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VicWater goes remote for COVID-19

Due to increased isolation precautions to minimise contact and assist in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the VicWater office will be closed until further notice. Our staff remain active during this time and will continue operations in a virtual workplace environment. We thank you for your understanding during this unique situation. Peter Morison…

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Working from home?

Knowing that we’re Better Together, we at VicWater are currently investigating ways to continuously engage with our members and maintain the value we provide. As one example, the industry is moving to ZOOM as a standard platform for engagement. As you prepare for more virtual meetings during the COVID-19 crisis, these tips to set up…

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Connect postponed

This morning VicWater made the difficult decision to postpone the upcoming Connect event scheduled for May 2020. Protocols regarding COVID-19 are changing rapidly, with the safety of our staff, members and guests always our highest priority. Knowing that we’re Better Together, we at VicWater are currently investigating ways to continuously engage with our members and…

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COVID-19 and Emergency Resource Providers Support Scheme (EmRePSS) insurance

Dear members, The Victorian Water Industry Association (VicWater) is a “tasking agency” as defined in the Emergency Management Manual Victoria and obtains insurance under Emergency Resource Providers Support Scheme (EmRePSS) on behalf of the water industry, incorporating the 19 water corporation members. Emergency Resource Providers Support Scheme (EmRePSS) insurance EmRePSS is “an insurance program that covers an organisation…

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VicWater and COVID-19

Dear members, Following the official government responses to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Australia, I am writing to advise you of the action VicWater is taking to protect the wellbeing of our staff and members. Until further notice, we will not host meetings and other gatherings involving face-to-face interactions. This means that all…

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VicWater COVID-19 safety measures

VicWater is taking action to protect the wellbeing of our staff and members
We have now moved to a virtual office environment