It was my pleasure to work as Fee's direct manager in her role as Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist at Bolton Clarke.

Fee and I worked closely together on many key projects and it was my pleasure to get to know her during this time. I discovered that Fee is not only a brilliant asset to any business, but also a personable, kind and supportive team member.

Fee's broad-ranging skills in marketing, graphic design and content creation combined with the dedication and pride she takes in her work make her a true marketing all-star – with extreme efficiency to boot! Fee's tenacious approach saw the completion of long-outstanding marketing projects, including a new social media policy and management processes, a social media content plan and the launch of Facebook advertising and profiles for the business.

Fee was also integral in diversifying Bolton Clarke’s content marketing strategies for campaigns, guiding and collaborating with team members to ensure successful results. This success included the rapid growth of social channels under her supervision - far exceeding previous growth rates.

Fee is a talented, passionate and highly skilled marketing professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as an asset to any business.

Aisha Champness
Digital Marketing Manager, Cystic Fibrosis Canada

Fiona has a high level of creative talent and during her time with Wide Bay Water Corporation has played a significant role in enhancing the Corporate Communication positioning and presentation of the business. I commend Fiona to future employers as she was very much a key member of our Corporate Communications team.

David Wiskar
Executive Manager, Power & Water Corporation

Fee added great value to Wide Bay Water Corporation's brand, sales and marketing and communications through the development of high quality, creative graphic design and desktop publishing. Her professional skills and experience ensured Business Development activities (including tenders, funding proposals and sales pitches) were always supported with high quality presentation materials, collateral and media.

Paul Sparke
Marketing Manager, Austral

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